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Completely lacking; destitute or empty: a novel devoid of wit and inventiveness.
Middle English, past participle of devoiden, to remove, eliminate, from Old French desvoidier : des-, de- + voidier, to empty
by Alex95628 May 21, 2005
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to minimalise your digital footprint ; removing part of your digital precense on social media
social-media that devoids a person from humanity ; to be devoiding (removing part of your digital footprint)
by pajaroloco January 31, 2015
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The empty vacuum of space which now exists where the 20th century electro-pop/punk band Devo was. The DEVOID was created (established) in the mid 1990's when Devo quit jamming. Even yet, the DEVO Fan Club motors on (or rather it's still rollin') in homage to the Akron, oHIo-based quintet.
"The modern music industry is completely DEVOID of the unique niche which Devo filled in the '70's and '80's (and kinda in the '90's)."
by Chengo Bolemongo October 05, 2006
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