is or related to animals; savage like an animal
He was bestial when he robbed the store.
by TheWeilderofWackyWords February 2, 2017
Sexual intercourse between a human and a real, *non-human* animal.
Ignorant Individual: “Furry porn is bestiality!”

Normal Person: “Actually, furry porn depicts anthropomorphs, which are fictional human(anthro) animals. By definition anthropomorphism is completely unrelated to bestiality or zoophilia.”
by semennachos February 17, 2021
a form of animal abuse where a human has sexual contact with an animal
person 1: I'm actually really into bestiality. what are your views on it?
person 2: I'm sorry, but WHAT?
person 1: I'm in a relationship with a dog, and she really enjoys it, i think it should be more normalised
person 2: ...
person 1's body was later found in a rubbish bag hidden in an alley. An autopsy showed he was likely beaten to death, and that he had actually been missing a brain since the age of 8.
by Lavafox August 23, 2020
Refering to sexual relations between a human and an animal.
Deeply in love with Terry, Miranda had no idea what bestiality was, and she often wondered why he always kept small packets of peanut butter in his pants.
by Reginald Whattabone October 7, 2003
Having sex with an animal you need top notch torture if you enjoy that shit it’s like having sex with a doge or a Viper just no
Bestiality is bad
by I eat doge for lunch December 4, 2020
Having sexual contact with animals.
Single women who own big dogs might be into bestiality.
by AS U Like It September 14, 2002
This involves humans having sex with animals, most common animals involved are dogs and horses.
Dog gets excited bestiality lady sucks him.
by peter_piper August 22, 2006