A person, male or female. That talks too much shit and trys to start fights after consuming too much alcohol.
Yeah, that TKE last night was being a drunk bitch! Thats why we kicked his ass!
by HAMMER December 10, 2004
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A girl or guy that has had way to much to drink and then makes a complete fool of themselves and regrets in the morning. usually regretted by ther for inviting them to drink.
That Drunk Bitch Meghan had way to much to drink and now has cum all over her face.
by Sanchez Corisine April 24, 2007
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A very intoxicated female or male who is loud, obnoxious, disruptive and usually disrespectful to people around him or her. A person who has no self control regarding alcohol and its effects. A person who often doesn’t remember what happened the night before but still loves to get drunk. Drunk bitches are known to cure hangovers with greasy food and rootbeer. They can be seen and heard yelling obscenities at fellow party goers and members of authority. Drunk bitches are the life of the party and attract a large following of admirers. Drunk bitch is not referred to as a negative remark towards others but rather as a way to say welcome we love drunk people.
"I was such a drunk bitch last night I made out with 5 different guys"

"look at that drunk girl she can't even stand!DRUNK BITCH!"

"do you wanna go out tonight and be drunk bitches?"

by J A C June 3, 2006
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a bitch that has had far too much to drink
a drunk bitch walks by a group of guys and imagines that they say somthing to her. She then begins to talk shit in a drunken manner, embarrasing herself, before driving away; almost hitting trash cans etc.
by nunka July 7, 2006
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Drunk bitchess get drunk and do shity things so you call the "drunk bitches." They can't handel there shit and its annoying they dont know how to drink like a real women.
Girl who gets drunk and fucks shit up and is annoying or fakes being drunk. so they are drunk bitches
by Nicole7633 August 29, 2010
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Also known as a "Whore-nado," A Drunk Bitch Voltron is the result of 3-5 inebriated females at a social event linking together. This usually begins as a group hug of sorts, and then is used in order to keep balance. A Drunk Bitch Voltron can last from anywhere from five to forty minutes, but can occasionally result in skin grafting, which is referred to as a Drunk Bitch Voltron King. Drunk Bitch Voltrons are notorious for knocking over drinks, crying, and collectively screaming.

Causes of a Drunk Bitch Voltron include but are not limited to; "their song" coming on, a group talk about boys, general drunk affection, and the completion of a social shot.

Sometimes one member of a Drunk Bitch Voltron will lose stability, resulting erratic swaying or even a complete structural collapse (odds are increased when heels are involved).

DBV's cannot be reasoned with, because when forming Drunk Bitch Voltron each member sacrifices their individual hearing to become one being. It's like.... science or something.
Person 1: Oh no! A hurricane is coming this way.

Person 2: Dude, that's just a Drunk Bitch Voltron.

Person 1: Let's move before that DBV spills my drink.


Person 1: I think I'm going to ask the DJ to play Lady Gaga

Person 2: Umm... aren't you afraid of a DBV?

Person 1: Oh shit, you're right.

Person 2: You know how I know you're gay?

Person 1: How?

Person 2: You were about to request a song by Lady GaGa

Person 1: You're so original, I've never heard that joke in like... a Judd Apatow movie before.

Person 2: That's what she said!

Person 1: You're not impressive when you act this way.
by WOOOOOOO! July 4, 2009
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A messy and common condition often experienced by intoxicated women. It is more typically known for it's abbreviated name, "DBS".
Symptoms include:
- persistent vomiting
- highly increased vocal volume (keep your distance, it's painful to the ears)
- relentless in attempting to prove their "points", which make absolutely no sense.
- Spending large amounts of money on alcohol for others
- Vigorous swaying, often into the wake of oncoming traffic.
- Uncontrollable diarrhea (don't let this person borrow your pants)
- No matter how supportive their bra, their nipples will be out for the majority of the evening.
"That girl is really suffering from DBS (Drunk Bitch Syndrome) tonight...Her tits are all over the place."
by Ivana Popseekle December 13, 2009
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