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Voltron: a fictional mechanical robot made from 5 lions (black red yellow green blue) combining together made to defend the universe from the evil “Zarkon” and many more.
Look it’s Voltron flying in the air
by Keith McClain January 19, 2018
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A show that will mess with your heart strings until all that's left is expensive merch and ships that will probably never happen

Fall in love with a cast of characters which have all contemplate suicide and two of the characters have already attempted.

A show that kills of it's gays and has the best/worst fandom in the world.
Thing 1: Oh hey, have you seen Voltron?

Thing 2: Oh yeah, I binged all 65 episodes/ 7 seasons (that were out at the time of the writing of this definition) in the span of an hour, surviving off of the sheer hope that Keith won't die and that Lance turns out to be bi. I have spent my whole life savings on posters, t-shirts, pins, and whatever else they sell.Stress is currently my caffeine, fight me.

Thing 1: *backs away slowly*
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by I'mJustTryingToEnjoyTheShowWit October 08, 2018
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one of the greatest anime shows from the 80's to reach America

still shown on cartoon network's Boomerang channel at about 10:30 EST
guy 1: "You wanna hang tonight?"

Guy 2: nope Voltron's on

Guy 1: oh thats right that show Pwns
by SuperNerd64 January 30, 2009
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Voltron is one of the key, flagship shows that defined Anime as we know it today in America. It was a popular show back in the early to mid 1980's. One of the difinign characteristics of the show is that all of the individual lions could join together and create Voltron (the large form which was comprised of each individual lion). Today it has two meanings, and they are as follows:
1. (noun); A cartoon made in Japan that helped to define and carve a niche in America's anime stable.
2. (verb); To combine forces together to attain a common goal.
Dave: "I'm such a noob, I just don't know if I'll be able to finish today's crossword puzzle."
Adam: "Well if you like, since Chris is the only one who has completed it thus far, perhaps you and I could voltron our answers in hopes of finishing it as well."
by C. Dub November 07, 2006
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(verb) To combine or assemble individual things (which may function individually) made separately into a common meta-product where they all work together synergistically for a common goal.

To combine electronics constructed separately into a completed spacecraft. Or to combine dishes or ingredients prepared separately into a finished meal. (Recently used by a geek cook on a recent episode of Iron Chef America to refer to bringing parts of a meal prepared separately, together.)
"Let's voltron these parts together." or "It's time to voltron the crust, filling & meringue together to make this pie."
by thethirdchimpanzee September 01, 2007
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a name used for a super badass person
Cathy: Why do you call yourself Voltron, Dave?

Dave: I don't know, Cathy, maybe because it's *super* badass?
by voltrontrick May 31, 2011
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