ki re bara handel marchilis na ki?
by nick10000 November 1, 2021
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A graffitit artists monicur
"ay you wright , wus ur handel"
by AXCES December 13, 2007
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A male friend who is extremely intelligent and funny. They usually plan to do something to better the world. Liked by many, usually very attractive, & always the life of the party.

Sometimes used for one who accomplishes an awesome feat.

Often confused with Hansel.
Dude, you just pulled a Handel!
by topgun1 February 3, 2010
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The art of masturbating using hand sanitizer. Named after the famous Howie Mandel. Who is a known Germaphobe.
This girl was scared of germs, so I let her give me a Howie Handel.
by Protein Face February 25, 2011
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Treating a person with no self-worth.
I dont deal with anybody tring to fucky handel me. The game is to be played not taught.
by roll tide505 May 5, 2018
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A hand job given with hand sanitizer; Originally made popular by Howie Mandel.
John's cock was so dirty Lisa refused to touch it unless he agreed to a Howie Handel.

Purel moisturizing sanitizer is by far the most preferred lubricant for the Howie Handel.
by JustLikeThis February 20, 2011
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