1. Entertainment for groups of people drinking together.

2. An extremely fun way to get shitfaced.
"So...we bought all this beer...and we have a whole night to ourselves...who's down for some fuckin' Drinking games!?"
by Triginock August 21, 2007
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A game of chance or skill that involves the participants to consume alcohol usually with the intent to get drunk.
Drinking games can include board games (Risk, one shot of beer for every army lost), dice games (Craps, loser has to drink), skill (Beer pong, quarters), card games, movies (Drink every time someone says Fuck), and many other popular games or games and be made up on the spot.

"I'm bored and don't want to just drink and watch TV."

"Lets play a drinking game then!"
by Monological January 25, 2009
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A game invented by three young boys in the town of Brookline. Played in the window bar at Alexanders, usually after early release days. The participants would select their beverage of choice and everytime a car would drive by they would drink, inbetween cars they would have to have their beverage touch the counter before they could drink again. If anyone spit up or spilled at all they would be required to run outside the restaruant and hurl themself into the pole or tree. If a bus drove by the participants would have to chug, the first person to stop or spit up would have to run into the pole or tree.
Will: Hey we get out early today, what do you guys wanna do?
Chris: Lets go to Alexander's
Alex: Yeah, we can play the drinking game.
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bullshit games people often play to make their drinking seem more than what it really is
Why the hell are we playing games? Can't we just drink?
by alckie June 2, 2003
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Similar to the spirit of Curling, Capling is played with a beer bottle as a target and beer caps as the objects in play. Each player in a round of Capling is given the opportunity to toss 1 beer cap at the beer bottle with the closest cap to the bottle being the winner. The winner of the round is then allowed to dish out 10 drinks to any of the players, in any variation they choose (eg. losing player #1 must drink all 10). Once a player wins a round of Capling, they are then allowed to relocate the site of the beer bottle and another round begins with the past rounds winner shooting first.

Capling was invented by Jeff Dawidowitz and Mike Wickett in the beautiful city of St. Catharines, Ontario. While Jeff Dawidowitz was the inaugural Capling champion, Mike Wickett has succeeded him in every championship since. Capling has reached the height of its popularity at Silly Sundays - a popular spot to catch a full days schedule of NFL Football.
Game of Capling (Drinking Game) example: Cap #1 lands closer to the bottle than Cap #2 at the end of the round. Therefore person who threw Cap #2 must drink 10.
by Dawidowitz October 26, 2010
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Each time you watch a Breaking Bad episode, whenever Jesse swears, fucks up, says "bitch", fights with Walt, or does something violent, take a shot.
Dude you wanna watch Breaking Bad?

Nah, I don't wanna play Pinkman Drinking Game again.
by LegalizeWeezer March 23, 2014
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a drinking game played with the song by the police. girls drink on "roxanne," guys drink on "you don't have to put on the red light." gets you good and drunk pretty quickly.
"oh, it's roxanne! i love this song!"
"let's play roxanne, the drinking game. we need to get trashed!"
by $4R4 February 7, 2009
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