Man, Ty, you drilled that fuckin' cum-guzzling whore.
by HJTY September 3, 2003
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being hit hard by something
john lennon met up with his mother after being orphaned by her for 19 years soon after they were reunited she was drilled by a car
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Destroyed, conquered, or dominated. Most commonly used after a pummeling. Usually a pummeling of small italian people.
"Man, got drilled"
by Mahm March 18, 2003
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A shooting from one or more person at ops (rivals).
Roadman:Course man do drillings.
Roadman:Man drilled up the op block still.
by Btechshotter April 7, 2019
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1) To murder or otherwise severely injure someone; slang associated with gang violence. Can be used as a verb as a well as a noun. In an American context, it usually refers to someone getting shot. In a UK context it usually refers to someone getting stabbed or even the occasional gang-related acid attack, but it can mean getting shot as well.

2) Also refers to a style of trap music with a lyrical focus on gang violence (a.k.a. drilling, a reference to the first definition) and typically having much darker beats as well as a rawer/grittier overall sound than typical trap music. A very regional music scene primarily centered around three cities and associated with real-world gang violence in all of them: Chicago, London, and New York, each with their own distinct take on the style.
Did you hear what happened to Ray? He got drilled for talkin' too much shit about K. K rolls deep.
by aleph1917 April 11, 2021
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A form of rap where the artist talks about his/her gang life
Did you hear that new drill song, he might catch a case una
by Urbanyute March 2, 2019
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A Drill is commonly referred to as killing another gang member.
The term "Drill" was said to have been used by Chicago gangster Al Capone.
by talk2me-JCH2 June 3, 2022
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