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A shooting from one or more person at ops (rivals).
Roadman:Course man do drillings.
Roadman:Man drilled up the op block still.
by Btechshotter April 07, 2019
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To penetrate a woman in a fast 'n' furious style.
" seriously mate I drilled her last night......"
by jim February 17, 2004
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1. fucking real hard

2. studying real hard

3. actually drilling. if you don't know what
drilling means.. go check wikipedia or something..
guy#1: dude, i drilled Cindy so hard yesterday
guy#2: nice! high five!

guy#1: after i had drilled Cindy, i really drilled on those textbooks.

guy#1: god damn roadworks, the drilling kept me awake the whole night.
by Creepy Uncle Steve November 04, 2010
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giving a girl the ultimate ass fucking of her life!!
person 1: so how'd it go wiv lauren last nite
person 2: i gave that cum soaked bitch a good drilling
person 1: nice one!!!
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A gay sex term. Male 2 is upside down and Male 1 is above him. Male 1 sticks his penis down into Male 2 and "drills" him.
He is drilling that guys ass.
by Crop Dusting June 27, 2014
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When someone or something is particularly annoying, especially in a pestering, hassling or repeated way.
My neighbour plays loud music at 3am every night - so drilling.

You said that already, stop drilling me!
by yowwch September 25, 2019
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