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brother species to the chav. A roadman’s true love is the iconic north face black puffer jacket paired with some nike sweats and air max 97s. Chav girls love to date the roadman who acts the most hard. Use phrases such as “safe 1 my g” and “init bruv”.
Girl: Do you think he’s a chav?
Roadman: Nah fam I ain’t no chav init, look at my north face jacket bruv.
Girl : Wow he acts so hard I love it.
by funtimeswiththegang March 29, 2019
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Originates from British culture and can be commonly found in Major British cities.

A Roadman is an evolved version of a Chav who are located in the United Kingdom preferably in the capital London.
The typical roadman has its own language; they typicaly use words such as mandem, safe, innit, blud, fam, shank.

They also have a dress code consiting of:
-nike fanny pack
-nike airmax
-north face black jacket
-have weed and a knife(shank)
roadman A: io wassup blud, you safe fam?
roadman B: oi yo i am fam innit
by ΨλΜΞΖ May 20, 2020
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typical teenage boys who drop out of school and instead do these things:
Smokes weed
wears tracksuit bottoms with bomber jacket
rides around the area on bikes
commit crimes (robbery in particular)
shows aggressive and intimidating behavior

lives on benefits
acts tough/ hard *slang for tough*
Chill in shady areas on in front of fast food restaurants

*note if you want to be a roadman you must do most/all of the things above*
by HeyB0ss October 14, 2015
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The average British year 7 who pulled a plastic fork on someone and now thinks they are a fucking mad man they also tend to pull up on kids or old people because they know that's all they can fend off, they likes to wear shitty Adidas track suits
You know Tyler told Mr adabish to shut up blud or I'll shank you fam, he's a proper hard roadman be careful mate
by Tesco discount Isle November 12, 2019
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A roadman is the definition of a boy(12 year old) - Adult (30 years old) that comes from the United Kingdom ( Mostly England) who deals drugs, smokes weed and cigarettes with their gang.

Roadmen also know the in´s and out´s of their town and will likely have a place to hang about with mates ( friends ) which will probably be a place in the public to act hard as fuck.

The younger "roadmen" are kids who like to make it seem their life is rough as fuck but when they get home they cant decide which fucking bathroom to use because there is so many. Or which car daddy should drive to work in. ( Posh Twats ).

They patrol the streets at night wearing cheap as fuck clothes ( Hoodies, Puffy jacket, Beanie, Adidas tracksuits, shitty white shoes and maybe a knife ).
Roadman Slang:

Peng Ting

Some uses:

"Feds wanna lockup init"
"Init Blad"
"She over there is a peng ting mate"
"Hows your mans been cuz?"
"Hows the peng ting bruv?"
"Fuck the opps"
"Free ____"
by 67AJ May 29, 2017
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A roadman is a deluded big headed chav, who spends their saturday mornings sitting outside Poundland next to the hobos smoking joints. They wear charity shop Adidas joggers and bin bags as coats found in a council lorry down the road. They scrapped their 2 years of education ( only made it reception) and can’t speak a word of English apart from “ I’ll shank u bruv” with a bent butter knife they stole from their mums knicker drawer.
Fat joe: did u see that roadman down the road matey
Big bill: yeah mate he said he’d shank me so I gave him 50 p and a wedgie and he was on his way
by big Barry 200 July 15, 2020
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Young teens usually from London area who wear adidas tracksuits and carry their mums' kitchen knife for 'protection' against other wastemen. Usually seen late at night and often in packs, the common wasteman involves themselves in petty crime such as stealing bikes and vandalism. Usually selling drugs or taking them, every wasteman will have a list of reliable plugs for contraband and will have a plethora of numbers able to provide various narcotics around the clock. Speaking with little grammatical structure, the common wasteman has a distinctive accent which is also a method of establishing solidarity amongst fellow waste. In terms of their likely whereabouts, wastemen usually occupy public areas such as the park or outside the kebab shop. Speaking of which, the local kebab centre is commonly referred to as the wastemans' synagogue where such individuals spent a considedable amount of time, congregating with others alike. Although seen as an annoyance, the common wasteman will establish a unique bond with the local corner shop owner which is often visible through the mutual use of the title 'bossman' when communicating with one another. Although thoroughly defined, here are a few other common traits that are associated with wastemen,

- Driving cars with tinted windows
- Stealing money from parent(s)
- Buying 39p energy drinks/crisps
- Unjustifiable and non-sensical hatred for the police
-Listens to grime
- General lowlife
- Uses nokia brick
*drives past the chippy and sees a roadman with a stolen bike smoking a joint whilst drinking emerge and playing skepta off his trap phone.

Fucking wastemen
by Randeloy smite June 21, 2018
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