The first definition, on the day the site was created, 9/12/1999.
Brutal - December 9, 1999
"Anything that makes you sweat"
Man, this morning's calisthenics were brutal.
by Eugene December 9, 1999
It is also almost 25 years old and can be found on page 6 after searching for 'brutal', 6th definition on page 6
Damn I just cant find the first definition on urban dictionary
Well there it was
by ._.pres August 26, 2023
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You don’t know what to type. You hope you get accepted. What should my name be. What do i do.
You: Have you made your first definition on urban dictionary?
Your friend: what’s urban dictionary?
You: *kills friend.
by That 1 Guy May 10, 2022
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A first definition bitch is a person being an ass, douche, mean, etc... The word "Bitch" has several different meanings and by using "First definition bitch" it is clear what meaning of bitch is being used.
Becky: Monica's body isn't sexy enough for her to go out with Scott.

Monica: Quit being a first definition bitch!
by Grrl what?! December 27, 2011
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It was either "hork", "hella" or "hecka", by alpha mu, all posted on the same date- December 14th, 1999
Person 1: Guys, I found the first Urban Dictionary definition!
Person 2: Wow! And it's from 1999!
Person 1: We finally found it, the holy grail!
Person 3: 1999 is the first Urban Dictionary definition!1!1!!
by the fresh king of bel air June 29, 2023
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