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the act of tucking your penis up, behind your belt. Usually performed to achieve wood, hide wood, or smack a female in the forehead with.
“Sometimes when I am bored at nights I like to drawbridge

"I drew wood today at work and it wouldn’t go away.
Were people staring at you?
Nope, I drawbridged it so no one was the wiser."

“Denise went to suck my cock the other night and almost fell over because I drawbridged her”
by DBABY09 August 12, 2009
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Its brutally cold outside this morning so be sure you're Bundled Like Bernie!
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A sexual act with two males and one female. One male will receive oral while the other will have sex from behind. The man performing sex will grab the back of the woman's head and lift it up and down on the other man's penis like a drawbridge.
To avoid injury it is best not to lower the drawbridge too fast.
by wordasaurus March 23, 2009
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the sexual act perfromed with two males and two females act is initiated when both males are doing the females "doggy style" face-to-face the act is completed when each male grabs the females hair simultaneously backwards towards his chest causing the females to arch back and slap hands creating a drawbridge effect
They made liz and her friend into a drawbridge last night.
by JoeyBad September 07, 2010
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Tangled hairs spanning across the buttocks near the rectum, preventing proper excretion until forcibly cleared.
Dude, I tried taking a dump but forgot to clear out my drawbridge first, so my crap totally went everywhere but down.
by Ladderwalker January 26, 2009
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The sexual act, similar to the eiffel tower, but with two girls as well as the two guys. Both couples face each other while having sex from behind, standing up and bending the girls over. The girls can make the bridge by holding hands for support, or draw it back by letting go of each other. The guys can high five over the top for added effect.
Me and Rich were down in Fort Myers together and were banging these two girls on the beach drawbridge style, right under the pier.
by Daddy Paddy Cakes December 17, 2010
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