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Drawbridgers are how you refer to the folks that move into an area where you have lived your whole life where there is an economic vitality and quality of life that is what the Drawbridgers moved here for.

But then they start trying to freeze everything in place at the day they moved in so it won't change. The problem is that by freezing it they kill the economic vitality.

The usual first step is to create a "No Growth" iniative to stop additional housing from being built. That is why they are called Drawbridgers, the expression is: "Now that I've move in, we need to raise the Drawbridge and stop all the new people." Sorry dude, but YOU are the new people. I welcomed you, you need to do the same.

Usually the No Growth is so restrictive that you stop new businesses from coming in to replace the older businesses that retire or move out because they can't afford to pay employees enough that they can afford to live here. They can't live here because the housing is so expensive because there is No Growth in housing.

As a result, the house prices keep going up or staying high, employment decreases in the local area, and half of what they came for has been killed for everybody. The rest of what they came for becomes another privledge of the rich.

The loss of economic vitality means higher taxes which means you have to be richer to live here. And the roads & schools go to ruin and the quality of life for everybody goes down.
I'd love to have my kids be able to live here but the Drawbridgers have made that impossible.

I'm moving my company to Oxnard because the Drawbridgers have made it impossible to employ people here.
by Caltrop Consultants September 06, 2011
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