When your girlfriend's parents bribe you with gifts in order to convince you to stay with their daugther and marry on.
by angertrain July 18, 2008
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what the father of a rich single broad uses as a bribe to get a man to marry her crabby little ass. see also: money. Similar, but not to be confused with a shotgun wedding.
apu: I will give you a dowry of 10 sacred cows to marry my desi, the spoiled little airhead she is.

Leroy: fo shizzle my bollyizzle.
by major_delmac March 07, 2005
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When a chick gives you access to her ass for sexual purposes.
Guy: Last night was awesome. She let me put it in her ass.
Friend: Bro, she gave you the dowry. She was thinking "Oh sweetie, here is my father's goat, a small calf, and my butt. Let's get married."
by IrishRover69 July 22, 2011
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When a person is so likeable/good you'd marry them without the promise of monetary gain or a reward of any kind.
"I'm not Skip-The-Dowry material my family would have to pay to ship me out bro!!"
"I think I really love John, he's like...Skip-The-Dowry material."
by BeaBuzz November 25, 2018
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A woman, who willingly indulges in the practice of paying "Dowry"(sums of money, property, gold etc) to the groom, at the time of her marriage in the hopes that she will be financially looked after by her husband for the entirety of her life.
E.g: I'd rather stay single all my life than be a dowry whore.

She's wants to be a dowry whore.

I don't want to marry a dowry whore, I'd like someone strong and independent.
by BrownMunny August 14, 2021
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