Word derived from Sanskrit. Means "one from our country"; a national opposed to a foreign. Usually refers to people from India, Pakistan, & Bangladesh.

For Indians/Pakistanis/Bengalis abroad, it has become a term that mainly identifies another fellow Indian/Pakistani/Bengali
Yo that guy must be desi, he's brown and hes speaking punjabi!
by Anand March 26, 2005
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Comes from the Sanskrit "des" or "desh" meaning "country." In South Asia, it is used to refer to something that is done the Indian way -- it can mean "traditional" or, in a pejorative way, "rustic." South Asians abroad use it to refer to anything South Asian, i.e. Indian, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.
Indian-American: I met a couple of desi guys last night.

Indian in India: You want air conditioning so bad? Have it the desi way -- fan yourself with this paper.
by Gummmm August 7, 2008
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Someone who is Pakistani, Indian, Nepalese, Sri Lankan, and Bangladeshi
I am a desi
by riri baby January 25, 2021
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one hot baller chick. any boy to treat any "desi" wrong is an idiot.
desi's are one of a kind. they will go far in life and always be faithful.
that boy was stupid for dumping that desi.
by britaney June 25, 2008
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A person from the Indian subcontinent. (Like Pakistani, people from Nepal, Sri Lanka, people from Bangladesh)
by riri baby January 24, 2021
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A word to describe someone born/raised in America from parents of Indian, Pakistani, or Bengali orgin who share the same traits. Could use desi to describe food from the same regions, traditional clothing and other aspects of the culture. It is also used in a negative way, to describe clicky aspect of desi culture.

You know a girl is desi if:
- she never leaves the house without a ridiculous amount of makeup on, especially enough powder or foundation to make her face white
- will not go a desi function unless she is dressed from head to to toe, with makeup and enough jewlery to be a bride, and the most badass high heels
- believes that in order to be attractive she must starve herself and be stick thin
- her meal consists only of a diet coke
- is up to date with the lastest skin tight fashions
- has stabbed you in the back atleast once, if not regularly

you know a guy is desi if:
- he has cheated on his girlfriend not once, not twice, but atleast three times
- in order to make it up to the girlfriend he constantly cheats on he marrys her
- and even after marriage will cheat on her
- has a overwheming smell, either cologne or BO
- his name rhymes with his brother's names
- hangs around the back of the room with a group of his looser friends and smokes ciggarettes while they hollar at hot, skinny desi girls together
- gets drunk and into a fist fight every night he goes out

***** a desi will stare at you with his/her typical judgemental look when you pass by, just because you look like you could be from India/Pakistan/Bangledesh. It doesn't matter where you are, who you are with and if you have never met them in your life. *****
Sonia "Omg! Parinda looks so pretty! Wow, she is so skinny! i wish i was that skinny. why am i so fat? That's it, no more diet coke for me! but wow.. look at her gold! Imagine how much money her jewelry costs! Eh.. whatever. without that makeup and gold she wouldnt look that stunning. She need's it to make her look good, you know what i mean? I would be a much prettier bride"
Sabina "What, Parinda? Oh no honey, she's not the bride. Mouna is. She's over there, see? She marrying Imran."
Sonia "Imran? Uh.. the desi guy i hooked up with last night at the club?"
Sabina "Yep, thats the one"

by Sarah27 May 26, 2006
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a total jerk. usually has a large nose.
wow, i dont like desi.
because hes a jerk.
by someonewhoisverhonest December 12, 2011
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