Hasan is just too amazing to be described in words. First of all, he has all the looks you can ever ask for. Second of all, his personality is unique because he can be both funny and annoying, smart and stupid, ugly and cute, kind and mean. But you will never find anyone better than him. Thirdly, he listens to whatever you have to say and is always there for you. Finally, if you have him as your best friend, you will most probably be the happiest person in the world:)
Guy:”Hey, is that hasan with his valentine?”

Girl:”Yeah. She must be one lucky girl.”
by Hasan’s best friend:) February 3, 2018
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Hasan will be the best person you have ever met. When you first see him, you be thinking he’d be some kind of angel. His dark hair and cinnamon skin, his deep brown almond eyes will seem like a gift from heaven to you. As soon as you get to know him deeper and better, you will realize your first impression was right. His personality is shaped by his experiences in life, both good and bad, and this is what makes him the absolutely perfect boy he is. He is deeply kind and lovable, always there for everyone who needs him, even the ones he doesn’t really have contact to. He will always stand by the side of his most loved ones, he will always listen to you and most importantly, he seems to understand every matter you have. His humor and craziness is something else, and even if you might not get it at a time, he can make you laugh even though you were about to cry. He is extremely creative and has several talents you need to support him for and always remind him how incredibly good he is, sometimes he might not see it or feel insecure about his worth so he needs you to tell him how good he is. His love for you never fails, he will always support you in every way possible. If you know him, you may now tell him how thankful you are, because as I said in the beginning, you will never meet someone more beautiful, adorable and crazy as him. No matter in which way, you will fall in love with his soul made of stars.
by angelfvcked June 10, 2020
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The best person to ever walk on the face of this planet. He has girls practically drooling over him yet he’s humble and respectful. He’s everything a girl could want. He’s fckn holy, hottt, and cute as fuq. He also has the best personality known to man. I’ve also heard that he gives the best hugs ;). He knows just what to say to make a girls heart flutter. He does not give himself enough credit at all and needs to realize how perfect he is. If you ever have the honor of meeting this flawless angel, consider yourself the luckiest person to ever exist.
girl 1- is that hasan??? :O

girl 2- damn right it is. back off motherfuqer

girl 3- fckn bullshiiii

*girls fight to the death
by calkbuig June 18, 2019
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Hi I’m hasan. What does that mean it means hansom in Muslim
by latanya K.B. September 26, 2008
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Hasan is mine. Back off. Bye.
Girl: Hasan is so hot!

Me: Ya, fuck off
by Sayorithebananaking October 22, 2018
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Hasan he is so hot, charming, sexy all the girls want to be with him, everyone wants to be him or like him because of his hotness and is a beast at goalkeeping better the abu alia
Subhi: I wish i could be like Hasan
by ZowZowJor January 3, 2018
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Name given to someone with large genitials (metorphorically bigger than a horse) and very handsome.

Has a cracking persnality and the ladies love him
Guy 1: Man, that guys such a Hasan

Guy 2: Yeah, I know, i wish i was a Hasan <3
by Prince1234567890 September 22, 2010
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