1 - One of the most popular and loved Characters from the Animated sitcom the simpsons runs the Kwik-E-Mart with his Brother Sanjay. Was a member of the barbershop quartet the bee sharps. He is currently married to Manjula and a proud father of Octuplets. Apu is voiced by hank azaria

2 - The Finnish word for "Help"
"Thank you pleae come again"
"he slept he stole, he was rude to the customers, still there goes the best damned employee a kwik e mart could get".

"apu, apu my car has broken down near Helsinki, apu please im late for work"
by Brother Number One June 6, 2005
Simpsons character based on Satyajit Ray's trilogy: Pather Panchali (1955), Aparajito (1956), and Apur Sansar. Apu's cartoon life as a convenience store manager in the US is far better than his tragic life in India. He thanks Matt Groening for getting him a visa.
"Who needs Kwiki Mart? I doooooo."
by DeliLama June 27, 2005
1. Character from The Simpsons, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.
2. Acronym standing for "As Per Usual".
Personage 1: What you been up to?
Personage 2: Nothing much, apu, you?
Personage 1: I watched the funny Simpsons episode with Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.
by Bob the Fourth January 6, 2007
A taxi cab driver who frequently breaks wind in the cab, and doesn't role the windows down.
John: Phew! Somebody broke wind. Who was it?

Phil: I think it was our driver apu.

John: A-poo is more like it!
by trendyboy November 20, 2018
"she seems really hyper apu"
by Kyle137 August 17, 2006
Auxilary Power Unit
Fire up the APU and shut down the main engines
by kazza_nz December 27, 2003
Armored Personel Unit
I got into the APU and killed some dirty Yugos.
by Luka November 22, 2003