where one or both parties are forced into marriage due to an unplaned pregnancy
looks like its a shotgun wedding for those two
by brian o carroll March 31, 2003
Billy Joe knocked up Daisy Sue and so now they're gonna have a shotgun wedding.
by Joshzam May 5, 2004
A wedding that is forced into existence because of pregnancy.
A shotgun wedding: Chad Michael Murray and his new screwtoy, 18-year old Kenzie Dalton.
by Satan00 April 6, 2006
A marriage that is forced upon a couple usually by the parents of the bride due to either an unplanned pregnancy or pre-marital relations.
Sarah Palin publicly announced her daughter's shotgun wedding in September 2008.
by superlazy September 3, 2008
Where the parents of one or both people of a couple force them to marry due to pregnancy of the female part of the couple.
I was forced to have a shotgun wedding with your mom
by David Li April 23, 2005
(Idiom) where extenuating circumstances mean that for either honour or pressure from a family.
The source of this is a wedding where a man was forced to marry a woman he impregnated. Her father held a shotgun to him at all times.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 4, 2004
see stain on my shirt

-One thing to complain about
"Someone came saying I'm insane to complain about a shotgun wedding and a stain on my shirt"
by Rane July 17, 2004