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Slang for the near Eastside of Cleveland, Ohio.

"Down The Way" was a term started in Cleveland in the 1960s. It started out as the area west of 79th street and east of downtown, but the boundaries continue to move east. Now "Down The Way" is considered anything east of downtown and west of 105th street, north of Kinsman. Includes the neighborhoods of: Central, Hough, St. Clair-Superior, Fairfax, also parts of Glenville and Kinsman. Also spelled: Down Tha Way, Down Da Way, and DTW for short.
"My friend was shot in Cedar Estates projects, Down The Way"
by Downdeezway May 19, 2010
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1: The livest city in the world Cincinnati, Ohio (yea right, but we do get crunk)

See also nati

2: A dance from the nasty 'Nati
1: "Where u stay at?"
"I live down the way."

2:Oh, Oh, Do the down the way! Oh Oh!
by Tha 'Nati's Fynest April 30, 2004
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The greatest dance song ever to come out of the 'Nati.

Tocka - Down the Way
1.)"Where the f*** is you at?"
2.)"Man I'm down the way."
by Zach June 25, 2004
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yo im straight outta cin-city in da 5-1-3 and we run this whole muthafu**in state ya heard. anyway down the way is a dance that was started in tha nasty nati and tocka's spittin a beat also known as "down the way" which is the illest song in the country
urban/african-american-ish dance
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1. Avondale in Cincinnati
2. A dance done in Cincinnati
1. Bra, were u from?
Down The Way all Day......

2. Example: You are at a house party in Cincinnat.... Most likely everybody will be doin' the "Down The Way"
by Tia Da Natti All Day May 10, 2008
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