132 definitions by Zach

mang is the best word in the fucken world it can meen wat ever the hell u want it to mean
p.s todd deep frys everythin
todd deep fryes his mangs
i have a BIG mang
manged up the mang mangs
aaron has a small mang
ur a mang grute
go mang urself
by Zach February 20, 2005
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A town in New Jersey that is built and named after dirt whit very little hot girls.
by Zach April 06, 2003
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to display ones scrotum (aka teabag) through the zipper of his heans letting the ballsac drop out of the pants.
by Zach September 23, 2003
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Pull (stroke) cum out of your cock. aka masturbate.
I was trying to pull one out while watching that porno.
by Zach December 19, 2004
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