132 definitions by Zach

A mix between a dike and a biatch. Call your mother one today!
Stop being such a Diatch mom!
by Zach August 5, 2004
The cutest animal on the planet!walkplanitgrade, is about 27-40 inches long, has 40 teeth, has about 5 adorable rings on it's tail, and it's famous "bandit" mask. Has opposable thumbs and can grasp objects, did I mention they are the cutest animals on the planet? They can live anwhere from forested areas, to your own back yard! Their scientific name is "Procyon Lotor"
by Zach February 17, 2004
The belly. The tummy. The stomach. The midsection. Below torso, above hips.
My tubbers aches! Stop poking my tubbers!
by Zach April 23, 2005
Two extreemly hot people fucking like lovers while eating spiced meat.
Laure and Zach had the best sex ever on Jan. 18th 2004 at 4am.
by Zach January 23, 2004
An individual who outright judges and looks down upon others for their choice to indulge in drugs, alcohol or sex. Typically seen in individuals who uphold strict religious morals.
Betty is such a shriner. She lectured me for 15 minutes yesterday about how I'm going to ruin my life if I ever smoke again!
by Zach May 14, 2005
Marijuana, Pot, Weed, Refeer
Yo man, we needa be smokin that piz!
by Zach January 6, 2005
Very Fly
Zach is Suppafly
by Zach May 6, 2003