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Klib is one kick ass band and i love them.
by Zach June 21, 2004
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The cutest animal on the planet!walkplanitgrade, is about 27-40 inches long, has 40 teeth, has about 5 adorable rings on it's tail, and it's famous "bandit" mask. Has opposable thumbs and can grasp objects, did I mention they are the cutest animals on the planet? They can live anwhere from forested areas, to your own back yard! Their scientific name is "Procyon Lotor"
by Zach February 17, 2004
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A town in New Jersey that is built and named after dirt whit very little hot girls.
by Zach April 7, 2003
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A name given (often by fellow Straight-Edgers) to straight-edgers that have turned to violence as a means of spreading their views. Most Straight-edgers feel that hate edge is an affront to all that they stand for. The most famous group of Hate-edgers is located in Salt Lake City Utah, where police have started refering to sxe as a gang after several violent crimes were commited by Hate-edgers.
Hate-edger: Sees someone smoking/drinking/etc. and beats the crap out of them.

Partier: "Hey, man, lets go back inside. I think those kids are hate-edge."
by Zach August 8, 2004
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1.One who fucks goats in the ass while licking his little sister's pussy
2.A guitar that is plugged into someone's anal opening
3.Salvador Caputa
"When I grow up, I wanna be a bubbleboner, mommy."
by Zach May 27, 2004
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Short for Wind uppercut, ZACH CREATED it screw you larissa you copy!
The process up uppercutting with the element of wind enchanted into the move.
by Zach December 22, 2003
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The belly. The tummy. The stomach. The midsection. Below torso, above hips.
My tubbers aches! Stop poking my tubbers!
by Zach April 23, 2005
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