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A hipster is now basically just a caricature of a liberal, urban European student. The hipster lifestyle started in the late 90s/early 00s as reaction to the MTV/TRL/popstar/celebrity worship/fast food consumer culture that peaked in America right before 9/11. Some people were trying to get away from all of that, and instead shopped at thrift stores, started growing their own organic food, read nonmainstream literature, listened to indie music etc, and didn't really fit in with the average joe, and their intentions were at least somewhat authentic in the beginning, unlike most hipsters now. Its origins were mostly on the west coast like grunge was, because that area already has some slight counter-cultural tendencies. Eventually it was picked up and marketed to the youth as an image and a lifestyle so they could be labeled and to get them to buy stuff, just like they did with grunge in the 90s. Today's stereotypical hipster is an exaggerated version of this earlier hipster.
Today's hipsters are different than the ones in the 90s
by Dex December 12, 2013
You can be only zealtodexous if you are Dex9001. You are not Dex9001.
Dex9001 is zealtodexous. I dont care about you. I am zealtodexous.
by Dex December 31, 2005
What robot overlords do to you when they are about to own you, and your planet
Helpless human #1 "Did you see that? Those damn robot overlords went all Emotionless on yo"

Helpless human #2 "and how!"
by Dex September 26, 2004
Pills....Ecstacy or any drug in pill form speed or lsd
Get me some jubblies bruv
These jubblies are great
Im fucked on jubblies
by Dex April 10, 2003
A fashion style influenced by designers like Rick Owens featuring draped, layered, and top-heavy clothing in black and grey, robes, leather jackets, scarves, and military boots in strange or asymmetric cuts.
Go to stylezeitgeist.com to see some examples of gothninja.
by Dex October 11, 2012
verb:Rescure means what supertoast would do.
iamawesome258: super toast!!!!!!!
iamawesome258: DUDADALALADALA!!!!!!
iamawesome258: and yes i meant rescure
by Dex December 31, 2005