An HIV positive diagnosis is given to a person who is infected with HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV is a terrible infection that often leads to AIDS.

HIV is common among gay or bisexual men. About 1 in 5 gay or bisexual men have HIV. Gay or bisexual men account for a large majority of HIV diagnoses as a whole, and over 80% of HIV diagnoses among males. In short, if you’re a gay man then you’re much more likely to get HIV.

Also, HIV positive gay men are almost 100 times more likely to get anal cancer than the general population. All of this is because gay or bisexual men often have anal sex with other men. Anal sex can cause anal fissures, which are basically cuts or tears to your anus which can get infected.
Gay men are the population most affected by infections and diseases like HIV, Syphilis, and anal cancer. Because of this, more gay men die of sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) than any other group. Many gay men are HIV positive. Those are the simple facts.
by Give me the facts. January 20, 2020
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absolutely sure
more acceptable to say if you actually have AIDS

from a South Park episode
by Orangefizzlebiz March 14, 2008
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This is a way of determining whether or not your friend is completely and totally sure of themselves when they are explaining something to you. Please see the examples for further explanation.
"Hey Tommy whats going on?"

"Jimmy I've got some bad news... The pigs went through our lockers today and found Adam's crack"

"Tommy.. Are you positive??"




by CHALK111111 June 23, 2013
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A response to "are you sure?" if you have HIV and are sure about something.
Kyle: Are you sure?
Cartman: I'm HIV positive.
by OMGary March 15, 2008
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A comeback used when someone trys to cut on you peferably for wehn the insult begins with " why".
Damani : "Damn, why you so fat"
Kayla: : " Why you look HIV positive"
Damani: (says nothing)
by YaGirlResaa July 22, 2009
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That cartman says when he is asked if he is sure.
episode 1201
Butters:Are you sure we should be doing this?
Cartman:Butters, i'm not just sure, i'm HIV positive!
Butters: OH well i guess thats true..
by Samanthaa* March 18, 2008
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