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Pronounced doth-ing, it describes the act of attempting to convince others of a thought or feeling you have that actually, correctly or incorrectly, makes them think the exact opposite is true because you are incessently carrying on and on like an idiot. Taken from the the quotation "The lady doth protest too much, me thinks" from William Shakespeare's play Hamlet.
Her: Do you like my dress?
Me: Do I like it? No, I LOVE it! I love the color! I love the form! That's the best looking dress I've ever seen! Damn, that dress is awesome!

Her: You're dothing again, I can tell. So you hate it?

proclaim expression deceive
by Timberton November 24, 2015
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a pair of pre-pubescent girl's boobs.
EX 1- Mark: Who are you texting?
Steve: My cousin.
Mark: Does your cousin have big boobs?
Steve: Sicko she's 11. She just has dothings.

EX 2- Pedophiles Anonymous Sponsor: What makes you sexually aroused by young girls?
Pedo: Their dothings.
by pinkg0ddess June 26, 2011
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The act of an individual excessively stabbing oneself in the testicular region with a blunt object while ferociously ejaculating on his partners chest.
I was dothing so hard last night I cummed a quart and crushed my balls into pancakes.
by Philip M. Mason R. Spencer S. November 26, 2012
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