1. Term to describe your basic slut; with a doorknob, everyone typically gets a turn.
"What a doorknob- she went through the entire football team like a full nfl season in one weekend!!"
by jedi_freshie December 30, 2014
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A spectacularly impressive dancer, one who is able to dance (read: do the Twist) with ease and aplomb.
"He's such a doorknob! Did you say the way he was moving on that dance floor?"
by The Sass Attack May 20, 2010
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A short fat cock wider than it is longer, all head no shaft!
Jenifer: Hey Sally, how'd it go with that dude last night?
Sally: Well, he didn't turn me on, if you know what i mean?
Jenifer: No... not really?
Sally: Well, have you ever met a fat midget?
Jenifer: What?!?
Sally: He was a door knob... all head no shaft.
by Michael Nicholson August 10, 2007
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a nickname for a male who accidentally grabs another male's genitals when he slips and falls
Jack- "Hey look it's doorknob!"

Bob- "Why did you call Tommy doorknob?"

Jack- "Dude, you didn't hear?"

Bob- "No, what?!"

Jack- "When Tommy fell in the showers yesterday he accidentally grabbed Tim's junk!"

Bob- (laughs) "Fucking doorknob..."
by thedude222 October 14, 2009
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He's such a doorknob; he can't even add 2+2 together and he's in college!
by Junglejim1 January 16, 2009
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When a man sticks his penis through a hotel door hanging "Do Not Disturb" sign and answers the door to whom ever knocks.
Bro I went to the wrong room and the and some 60 year old man door knobbed me!
by oSYNo May 28, 2012
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Someone who is weird or someone who does something stupid is refered to as a doorknob.
by pushnook August 22, 2011
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