A phrase often shouted out when someone in the room busts ass, "farts", letting the person know whom farted to go touch a door knob before everyone beats the shit out of him.
WTF is that smell, door knob!!
by Rick Swank August 12, 2005
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What do you do with a door knob,,
you turn it,, with a woman who is a door knob
everyone gets a turn...door knob are for the gang....
Ayee this girl hailee is a Doorknob she messed with isaac and this dude named eli
via giphy
by 3 niggas wit guns + others December 24, 2019
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A person who is sexually promiscuous and indiscriminate about who they engage in sexual relations with.
That girl is a doorknob, everyone has had a turn.
by The Correctionator July 16, 2005
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Deadpool's name for his guns.

A recurring gag of Deadpool's is when he calls his guns "doorknobs", only to confuse both allies and enemies.
"Doorknobs don't kill people; I kill people." ~ Deadpool
by Merc of a Mouth January 07, 2013
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A male or female who appears to one as attractive, until they get to know the person and become disappointed to find out they have absolutely no personality.
Girl 1: How are things with Will?
Girl 2: Ah, I'm so disappointed. He seemed perfect, but every date with him feels like forever because he's so dull.
Girl 1: Haha, he sounds like a total doorknob. You'd better ditch him.

Guy 1: Dude, look at that girl over there. Pretty hot, right?
Guy 2: Oh, Stacy? We used to date, but then I realized she was a total doorknob. Nothing to her. She can barely hold a two minute conversation.
by awyeah18 June 22, 2011
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The word said when someone whitnesses/hears another person fart. The person who says doorknob before the fart offender says safety gets to beat the shit out of the person who ripped one until he touches a doorknob, passes out or if the aggressor class and end to the abuse.
Nick: Rips a fart so loud that he shits himself.

Phil: Yells "doorknob!"

Mike: Begins to blow Nick until Phil tells Mike that that is not what doorknob means and that he has to beat the shit out of nick until he touches a doorknob.

Nick: pulls out and blows a load in Mikes face as he hurrys to touch the doorknob.

Phil: catches up to Nick and beats the shit out of him until he passes out only feet from the doorknob.
by Daddy Domt Mess Around July 31, 2017
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The common example used in Alcoholic Anonymous meetings to describe what you can pick to be your Higher Power.
Alcoholics Anonymous is spiritual, not religious. You can pick anything you want to be your higher power, even a door knob.
by JR Harris March 13, 2011
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