A person who:
a)is sensitive
b)takes things personally/literally.
c)a person who can't take a joke
Jenny- "Hey could you buy me some tampons while you're at the store?"
Logan- sarcasm "I don't know, you know I'm kinda busy with eating, sleeping, joining a cult, eating..."
Jenny- "Is it because you don't LOVE ME? You HATE ME don't you?!!!"
Logan- *begins talking fast* "I can tell that you're kinda touchy, so um...OK."
by fdsajkl; June 20, 2005
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1. (of a person) Someone who is oversensitive or abnormally irritable: “Rusty busted an old man’s hip after he referred to his phone as a toy”.
2. (of an issue or situation) Must be handled with kid gloves; delicate topic: “Rusty’s phone company placed a data limit on his account”.
Rusty can be a very touchy person.
by trupes April 24, 2011
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to be touched physically multiple times in a sexual manner. (hands on thigh, hands on waist, hands on waist)

being touchy touchy also includes being emotional. they act like they’re in a relationship with you when they really aren’t.
massidy was being so touchy touchy at the pool yesterday...

caroline felt that the guy who liked her was being so touchy touchy with her...
by polkadotdaffoldile January 1, 2018
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An expression used when one touches the danger zones of another person.
by Tuna Fish Riot May 13, 2005
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Intimate acts between two (or more) individuals that involve the use of his/her hands and/or mouth to provide sexual stimulation to his/her counterpart.
Having been loyal to eachother since junior high, the lovers never received touchies from anyone else.
by BrotherNovember#3 December 2, 2011
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From Vulgar Latin "to offend."

A misspelling of the word touché.

Sometimes confused with "touchy," which can make your statement sound inappropriate and may describe you when you realize you've used the word incorrectly.

Sometimes used by people who think they are always right.
by mrongey August 29, 2016
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Physical act of touching an object with the back of the hands. Proper technique includes arms extended, wrists bent, fingers extended towards the ground, and palms inboard.

Usually performed impulsively as a means of distraction or frustration when with a large group that is trying to make a time deadline.
"Sorry we are late, but right when we got back to the car, he had to do a touchies on this telephone pole half a mile away."
by macfrugal May 22, 2010
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