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Politer version of wanker
"He's a right banker!"
by Halo August 30, 2003

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stands for Derby Lunatic Fringe, notorious crew of derby county.

forest fan:we got legged by the DLF last saturday
by halo October 23, 2004

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Someone who is a doorknob is someone where everybody gets a turn. Do you see?
"That Natalie Peake is a right doorknob!"
by Halo August 30, 2003

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When someone is so horney they can't control their emotions and they wind up staying that way.
Wow...Ron's so horny I think he's suffering from horniformitarianism....
by Halo December 18, 2003

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synonym for marijuana, weed, smoke, hash, bud, trees
I want to smoke some jelba.
by halo November 15, 2004

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Possiblely the best Japanese anime out there.
infinte Ryvius has hot bishounens all over the place
by halo September 10, 2003

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small CMS (content management system) for the purpose of easily publishing thoughts, links and information. often used for diary websites and highly irritating to those who cannot read and write properly - but quite an experience for everybody else. if they want to.
take a look at the output at www.weblogs.com oder blogger.com
by Halo February 14, 2004

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