nal is an amazing guy, he’s caring and kind and honest. He brightens any room and will happily talk to anyone. He gives the best advice and you can always count on him to make you feel better. Dónal is gorgeous and has amazing eyes with a great smile although he will disagree . Everyone who knows him loves him. He has the goofiest conversations and you can have the best laughs. He has no flaws and I’d be lost without him.
Donal is a beast
by amoreenadumpling July 21, 2019
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An effeminate man with limp wrists. Also known to sing in a high pitch like a girl. Will usually be seen sniffing the crotches of eastern Europeans in public toilets. Grumpy old bastard who swigs brandy from a bottle on park benches and fondles himself in public.
Donal - lover of the phallic
by allthingsbrightandbeautiful April 28, 2012
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A person with an incredible aptitude for brown nosing. Of a ridiculous size, although packs a rather small "weapon". Has no friends and the entire population of humanity wishes his demise. He is notorious for using stupidly bright colours on his hair, and strongly resembling a member of Blazin' Squad who has let himself go. With green hair, this person would strongly resemble a tomato. Without Green hair, this person would strongly resemble a tomato.
"Donal, you're a fucking cunt, stop falling over my foot like that, fatboy. Loose some fucking weight and grow some fucking balls puffbag."
by Notsafeforwork July 19, 2007
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Man of unusually large penis size; object of all womens desires.
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
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Donall is the perfect type of guy smart,cute,handsome,and charming he can talk a lot at times but he can control it when he wants,very patient very sweet he will do anything you ask ask him to do. He loves expensive items but will try to achieve them himself. Very independent and very daring and a lady’s man. He will always treat a lady right buy her anything she wants if he can and he will do everything for her. He’s not the person who would be afraid of anything and can conquer any fear.Donall is a very special guy Give him a chance even if you don’t think it would work cause he is someone you would regret on losing.
Donall the best guy you can ever find
by Best define November 7, 2017
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your website is need of being Donalized

Donalization is occurring...

You have been Donalized!
by Donalize October 23, 2010
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