An exclamation--said very quickly--that you can spout at anyone or anything at the slightest suggestion of dickery.
Professor: Yeah, so we're gonna have to go until five today.
You: Don't be a dick!
Professor: See me after class.
You: Donbeadik!!
Professor: OK, go home now.

Computer Screen: (Download Time...... 71 days)
You: Don't be a dick!
Computer Screen: (Download Time...... 4min, 15sec)
by Jesse Gold February 23, 2006
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This is the Heading of the letter trump wrote to Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently this october as he pulled his troops from syria...
Don't be a dick Erdogan,you don't want me to be responsible for crushing your country's economy of you touch any hair of the kurds.Let us just figure this out like adults
by Titus rutto October 22, 2019
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The opposite of the popular phrase, "any hole is the goal".
A phrase used to warn owners of a dick to not stick it in a specified place.

Some examples of unsuitable places for which this phrase could be used are:

-Waste desposal unit
-Used banana wrappers

-Toucan beak
-Paper shredder
-Vacuum cleaner
-Exhaust pipe
-Chinese finger trap
-Pencil Sharpener
Clam: exists
Aidan: "Don't stick ya dick in that"
by Toblerones April 14, 2021
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A rule of the utmost priority for any outstanding gentleman/someone who wishes to not be murdered in their sleep.
Baz: I barely escaped with my life last night, this girl I used to sleep with came after me with a machete!
Gill: What did we tell you?
Baz: ...Don't stick your dick in crazy.
Gill: Don't stick your dick in crazy.
by sourceofinfinitewisdom November 5, 2013
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A relatively recent but perennially true maxim, advising one to refrain from sexual congress with the unbalanced.
Bro 1: Dude, that girl with the Tori Amos shirt is HOT.
Bro 2: Bro, bro, always remember: Don't Stick Your Dick in Crazy. Here me now and believe me later.
by Harry Krinkle November 5, 2013
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Pretty straightforward. That moral your friends repeat over and over again when they tell you that you shouldn't have slept with that girl last night 'cause they knew she'd take shit too seriously.
Clarence: shit bruv that Jessica chick is all over me she won't get off of me man she's tagging me in all this relationship post bullshit, saving pics of me, telling her friends, texting me 24/7... what do I do?
Bob: bro idk lmao you bloody fuckin' had sex with her not me. you know what they say fam don't stick your dick in crazy.
by Seenlord February 16, 2016
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When you have the desire to give advice or weigh in on a situation, but you don't have the information or expertise needed to do so. No tools in the toolbox despite a desire to help. (Typically used by those without dicks, but could be quirkily used by those who do.)
Them: "Hey can you help me translate this love letter? It's written in Polish."
Me: "Ah, sorry buddy, I don't have a dick to give on this one."
by Nymph Moonlight November 19, 2020
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