Unstable, mentally ill, deranged, demented, disturbed, unhinged, insane, mad, out of one's mind, loopy, loony, nuts, nutso, nutty, cracked, bushed, screwy, batty, dotty, cuckoo, bonkers, squirrelly.
Why was someone considered mentally unbalanced or crazy called a “crackpot”?
by TeaLvr March 24, 2016
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A unfair, lopsided, or ludicrous offer.
The hooker said it’s $50 for a blowjob.

“I said you can keep that Unbalanced Anthony shit. You only got half your teeth - I’ll give you $10.”
by McBackup November 2, 2022
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Person 1 - I heard some unbalanced girl fell and broke her neck yesterday!
Person 2 - Oh yeah that was probably Arthiga.
by Ottahachavingi December 4, 2021
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An unbalanced equation is typically seen on college campuses, sporting events, workout facilities as well as in the general population. An unbalanced equation is when a male on the lower end of the 1-10 spectrum (4 and below) is dating a female that is ranked highly on the 1-10 scale (8 and up). The male in the relationship is typically insecure about himself and has large muscles. This situation does not work in the opposite direction because no man is dumb enough to date an ugly girl.
Friend 1: Look at that unbalanced equation over by the crosswalk.
Friend 2: Holy shit dude you are right, he's totally like a 4 and she's a 9.5.
by tlskxchris October 17, 2009
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Meaning gay or homosexual, or with any intent of liking men in a way of some sort
“He doesn’t approach women as much because he’s unbalanced
by the lord of C May 27, 2022
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Gay or homosexual, or having any intent to be intimate with men of the same sex
He gets no hoes because he’s unbalanced
by the lord of C May 27, 2022
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