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Wisdom worth adhering to; words to live by.

"Any hole is the goal" is not a sentiment to be taken lightly . You must truly believe that, in fact, any hole is the goal - no matter how large or small, how deep or shallow. You must have full faith in that whatever the hole may be, it is considered your desired end result, or goal.

This can apply to many situations one may encounter in his or her life journey, including but not limited to anything from a game of golf, to endeavors under the sheets. Using this phrase signifies that the speaker does not discriminate which hole they prefer.

Also used as an excalamation when one is about to accomplish something courageous that involves a hole, similar to the popular interjection, "Geronimo!".

Disclaimer: Please remember that partaking in this lifestyle could be potentially dangerous; but never lose faith.

Always remember, in any event, to enter and exit holes with caution and confidence.
Jasmine: "That hole is not the goal"

Aidan: "Nonono but any hole is the goal!"

*Jumps into a hole*
by Toblerones April 13, 2021
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The day on which you must listen to "213" by Slayer

If you do not, you will be forced to by Divine Intervention.
Tom: "Yo bro it's finally February 13"
Jeffrey: "Awesome, I can play 213 on repeat and nobody can stop me"
by Toblerones April 13, 2021
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The opposite of the popular phrase, "any hole is the goal".
A phrase used to warn owners of a dick to not stick it in a specified place.

Some examples of unsuitable places for which this phrase could be used are:

-Waste desposal unit
-Used banana wrappers

-Toucan beak
-Paper shredder
-Vacuum cleaner
-Exhaust pipe
-Chinese finger trap
-Pencil Sharpener
Clam: exists
Aidan: "Don't stick ya dick in that"
by Toblerones April 14, 2021
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