Used seriously: A freak, one who was born defective.
Used jokingly: One who is very strange, unattractive, uncouth, and/or trashy, which could possibly be ascribed to birth defects.

Taken from the novel "The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood, where a shredder is one who is the defective product of radiation altered reproductive cells.
All that makeup and bleached hair can’t hide the fact that Megan is a total shredder! That poor girl was born with a big head and has no social skills!
by Laura MM March 17, 2010
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A person who is performs well in most things he does and is applauded by his peers as a ''cool'' or ''popular'' person
'Hey bro you going to invite Pete to youre party?'
''Ofcourse Pete is a total Shredder''
by Samtheshredder December 4, 2007
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a kool person who can skate, skim, longboard and surf. who shreds the gnar and runs from security. one who has amazing hair but cant have a shaved head cuz that is gay. cant be named tony....
KID: dude that tony kid is a fag.
KID2:dude i know he isnt even a shredder. but he trys to longboard, skate, skim and surf....wut the hell
by dicky jones July 12, 2008
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A back wood Illinois one fanged critter. Likes to shred beer, rip stick gears while tripping brodies. Its been seen attacking local school teachers. Pulling ponytail shredding cooter!
Me and the shredder shredded two 18 packs last night while tripping brodies.
by pdog21 November 5, 2011
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The bad guy in the Darth Vader-themed getup from Ninja Turtles.

Also known as Oroko Saki (sp? - real name) and "Saki-chan" (what Krang calls him in the 1996 Ninja Turtles anime OVAs).
Shredder: "Tonight I dine on turtle soup."
by Setsuna September 15, 2004
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