13 definitions by Titus rutto

A man or a woman who is paid by the state to whoop up your ass,six ways to sunday
Jack-some cops beat me up yesterday when I tried to hang out with Jenny.
John-Man,their job actually among many others include being paid to unleash a can of Whoopass on us
by Titus rutto October 8, 2019
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History describe him as one of the greatest disciple ever, who played a critical part in Jesus death and thus the birth of salvation.if It wasn't for him,then the death and ressurection of Jesus wouldn't have happened and thus the freedom from bondage of sin according to Christian would not have occurred and ,finally,there would be no going to heaven .
Dude 1:man,Judas Iscariot was the worst disciple in the Bible
Dude 2:If it wasn't for badass Judas Iscariot himself, the devil would be unleashing a can of whoopass on you in hell right now.He was the best.
by Titus rutto March 23, 2018
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This is the toughest shit from cow skin usually tanned to leather to create some of the toughest motherfucking boots in the world.
my brother was trying to consume his own shoes.When I found him doing so,he said he thought since the shoes was manufactured out of cow hide,it was something edible and fit for human consumption.what a twat
These US military combat boots were manufactured out of the finest cow hides in kenya....Obama was given as a gift from his father's land.
by Titus rutto October 16, 2019
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This is the Heading of the letter trump wrote to Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently this october as he pulled his troops from syria...
Don't be a dick Erdogan,you don't want me to be responsible for crushing your country's economy of you touch any hair of the kurds.Let us just figure this out like adults
by Titus rutto October 22, 2019
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Some Hellraiser who plays vigilante and kicks the hell out of idiots and stupid people
John-Did you see Lucy kibaki the wife of president kibaki slap some mp?
Loon-Dude,she is captain whoopass,A Hellraiser from Jupiter.
by Titus rutto September 25, 2019
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A geographical Location and no one knows the exact coordinates.The physical resting place of God,angels,Jesus and the holy spirit.
My grandpa died and went to heaven
by Titus rutto October 16, 2019
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