A domestic can be refereed to as any type of problem, depending on the severity of the problem, the type of 'domestic' or 'domestics' can be varied.
"that was a straight up domestic"
"standard domestic"
"that chick, such a fkn domestic"
"having a domestic right now"
you rock up to a party and there is only bung chicks... "major domestic"
by bigbudah123 March 13, 2012
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A car that people buy because they love replacing their head gaskets at 50,000 because they are so caught up in being patriotic that they don't realize how ignorant they are when they purchase a large pos on 4 wheels (If it's a dodge durango make it 3 wheels because they are known to fall off occasionally)
Ford, GM, Dodge, Chrysler, the big turd I make after I take a crap on any domestic car
by Justin March 14, 2004
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commonly searched for in dictionary’s and google because i’m too embarrassed to ask somebody, “Hey, what does Domestic mean?”
“Hey Jordan.”
“Why do is your google history just the definition of domestic?”
“Don’t worry about it.” :|
by jvanbegone January 3, 2020
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Noun- Pertaining to activities done in and around the home. Evokes comfort, safety and routine.
I found the domesitcality of Mike and Susan's relationship very charming.
by Greg February 28, 2005
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someone who is very into tradtiontal home life: cooking, cleaning, ect.
I dont want to date her, she isnt domesticated enough. She cant even bake a cake.
by Jessica Weber July 29, 2003
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The growing of a plant or the raising of an animal and therefore, consciously or unconsciously causing it to change genetically from it's wild ancestor.
Domestication is a process that takes many years.
by jjjim October 28, 2010
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What happens when you get married. This can also happen while you have a girlfriend. For women with a boyfriend, she would be 'domesticating' the man.
"He's so domesticated now he vaccums the house!"
by Hyperian November 23, 2003
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