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A racist name for a Jewish person.
American History X - "You think I'm gonna sit here and smile while some fuckin' kike tries to fuck my mother?"
by Justin March 09, 2005

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A terrible mainstream rapper. Uses the same lyrics in every song, especially a combo of berretta/ chetta and good/hood.
Furthers mainstream rap on its shitty path with his most recent song "Candy Shop", which is nothing short of atrocious.
"I'll take ya to the candy shop, I'll let ya lick the lolly pop..."

Wow, Mainstream rap has hit an all-time low.
by Justin March 05, 2005

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What happens to retards who keep arguing about the origin of pwned on the Internet
You guys were just pwned
by Justin March 18, 2005

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Shit Outta Luck
You got a virus on your computer? Damn, you're SOL!
by Justin May 01, 2002

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1. More disrespectful than 'fuck you' because it means disrespect to you, your property, and your crib.

2. Can simply mean that you don't give a damn about someones couch
1. "Hey let's go watch it at my house"
"Man fuck yo couch"

2. "Get your feet off my couch"
"Man fuck yo couch"
by Justin October 13, 2004

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a really hott girl 1 of the most beautiful girls ive ever met.
i like you gabi gosherss
by justin March 06, 2005

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A halfassed plot for a sci-fi novel turned into a 'Religion' by L. Ron Hubbard.
A Scientologist and his money are soon parted.
by Justin June 19, 2005

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