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Alcohol! Ethanol! Just another creative way to talk about your favorite extract.
yo, let's drink some liquid devil
...and fuck!!!
by Justin July 29, 2004
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A perfected style of music, a blend of blues and funk. Usually comes together with a funk-background bassist and a blues-background guitarist. Most songs could consist of blues progressions in a certain key, but with funk-style riffs and licks.
Guy A: Man, The Blue Cosmos are the best blunk band I know.
Guy B: Well, that's what you get with the phrase "Blues is the teacher, funk is the preacher".
by Justin May 14, 2006
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hey, you're a bitch, how are your feelings?
by Justin January 11, 2005
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To not only get pwned but to get powned so badly it makes you want to kill youself and hide forever
by Justin April 22, 2004
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The process of coughing up phlegm in order to spit.
Jim was going to hork a loogie.
by Justin May 1, 2002
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When an individual relieves their bowels on the back of their partner(s) neck(s). The deposit will then smear down the back and create lubricant for backdoor action.
She/he wanted to try something new, so I introduced her to the South County Canoe.
by Justin April 19, 2004
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midship engine rear drive
mr is stands for midship engine rear drive not for mister.
by Justin July 23, 2003
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