Ancestor is defined recursively as your:
1, Parents, AND
2, Your parent's ancestors.
One of my ancestors fought in World War 2!
by Sunnz September 28, 2005
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The act of researching your family tree. Actively tracking down and documenting your ancestors. Using any and all available resources to track down your genealogy.
I found out I'm the descendent of an English Lord by ancestoring.

I got hooked when I started watching "Who Do You Think You Are."
by Ancestor Ing December 22, 2012
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A word for "friend" to be used informally and colloquially, in the same way that 'mate' or 'dude' are.

Also the plural can be used to address a larger group of friends, in the same way as 'guys' can.
So ancestors, what are we doing tonight?
by Edmundx October 10, 2010
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when somebody keeps interrupting your talk by saying your mom, the phrase "your ancestor" will be the best way to shut his/her mouth because there's no way that person will reply back with the bigger word
A: your mom
B: (says something)
A: your mom
B: (says something)
A: your mom
by Jay Shim May 25, 2004
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A term that originated from the Book Series Vampire Hunter D by Yoshitaka Amano
The name is honorific title that Vampires (Nobility) use when referring to Dracula.
Have you heard the rumor about the Sacred Ancestor?
by ????^_^???? September 17, 2006
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the worse comeback ever, reminds me of brokeback for some reason
uncool Dude: what we doing tonight jim?

Jim: your mom! (stupid but rightous laughter)

uncool dude: your ancestor

jim: what the hell was that?
by andy vale July 23, 2006
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When you get so trashed the night before that you feel worse than your dad, granddad, or great grandad. You are in fact at ancestor status. The only thing worse is Baghdad.
Brett: Man I feel like dad.
Jesus: Yeah, well I feel like grandad.
Mark: I'm at ancestor status.
by Stormteam John December 27, 2006
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