(1) A kind of plug or cork designed to close a barrel, drum or keg.

(2) A slang abbreviation for "bunghole", meaning the anus--synonamous with asshole.

(3) verb, to mess up while doing something. Can also mean to have an accident.
(1) help me get the bung out so we can drink this wine.

(2) lick my bung, bitch!

(3) Tommy tried to fix his car, but he just bunged it up!
by Pymp November 01, 2003
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(Verb) To put, chuck or throw something onto or into a place of storage or resting place.

Also, see Bribe
"John, where shall I put your bag?"
"Oh, just bung it in the corner"


"Sally, what should I do with your books?"
"Bung 'em on the shelf please Barry"
by CyberMunchy September 20, 2006
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"Bill Gill has the smelliest, nastiest bung hole I have ever encountered."
by Sleepy Swayback February 18, 2003
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Verb--the past tense of the verb "bang", i.e. to have sex with someone. Also, when using the past tense of "gangbang", gungbung is considered a possibly substitute.
"He bung his girlfriend last night"

"The two of them gungbung her in the back of the van"
by J-mo1217 October 12, 2007
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1. bunghole- shithole
2. where the poop comes out
3. buttheads god
"teepee i need teepee for my bunghole give me teepee for my bunghole! bungholioooo ...are you threatening me?"
by nicole boofs cheese June 05, 2004
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A round, tapered piece of cork or wood used to cap wine barrels. Inserted into the bunghole in which the barrel is filled. In recent years, the word now refers to any object inserted into the anus, i.e. buttplug.
My bung had splinters and I tore up my asshole.
by 50 cent crack dealer July 14, 2003
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