Any views that the group in power do not approve of
Anti vaxxers need to stop spreading disinformation.

You're welcome to take the poison and get your fatal blood clots, I'm not.
by D Flawless October 21, 2021
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The fake news that distract us through our personal devices, which we seldom stop to question, because of our impatience and laziness to think critically.
If American voters had known that all the disinformation on social media during the presidential campaign were fabricated thanks to Putin and gang to increase the odds of Donald Trump becoming President, the world wouldn’t have been so chaotic and pessimistic today.
by MathPlus December 10, 2018
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(v) A euphimism for the spreading of government-sponsored lies.
The Government doesn't lie, they engage in disinformation.
by Keyshaw May 10, 2004
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Basically, it's when someone purposefully gives someone else false information, otherwise known as lying.
Victim: Dude, I thought you said she totally wanted go out with me!

Lier: Selective disinformation my friend.

Victim: What the fuck does that mean!?
by Dreggs March 10, 2008
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propaganda provided to conservatives from their various media outlets .
redneck 1 to redneck 2: "'disinformation is wat they done sayd on the radio talk show. its as reel as bigfoot!"
by Turth2Power December 12, 2020
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Feeding bad information or faulty logic to the opposing team when playing Trivial Pursuit in an effort to steer the team toward the wrong answer. Especially effective when done under the guise of lending a helpful hand.
Johnny's encyclopedic knowledge of geography and sports history, combined with the expertly-disguised stream of trivial disinformation that he gave the enemy, won the game for us tonight.
by jboyardee October 4, 2007
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The adtech industry's practice of redistributing a percentage of advertisers' total spend to disinformation outlets around the world through negligent inventory vetting standards.
"I paid $65 for my mock neck at Summersalt. I wonder how much of that Summersalt has to pay towards Google's disinformation tax."
by applecinnamoncake May 9, 2021
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