A wicked board game of question and answer. Now comes in 1st edition and Twentieth Century Edition
Forget Monopoly. I'm in the mood for something more challenging, like Trivial Pursuit!
by Denis Baldwin October 9, 2003
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A veiled invitation for sex.
"Do you want to come over and, uh, play Trivial Pursuit?"
by elizabeth May 5, 2004
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The long ass game that nobody knows the answers to, yet everyone plays during the holidays.
"Well, that was quite the delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Anyone up for some Trivial Pursuit?"

{akward silence while guests pretend not to be pissed}


{7 hours of lost life ensues}
by BrianWallenstein April 5, 2008
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Originally a game, but now describes a lifestyle of frivolous attempts to accomplish or attain. In most cases not a conscience act by the participant. Most Americans practice this in one way, shape or form.
My whole life was a trivial pursuit until I found out how to think for myself.
by mar'scorpio February 4, 2010
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