This can be screen shotted to be immune to this day's affects. Wether its muting to banning for 1 day. However, only the first 10% (just divide the amount of people in the discord server by 10) percent of the amount of member's in the server can use this. However the person promises not to ping, or call the mods when they need them. Anybody who does will be directly muted/banned for the entire day. Also mods don't ignore this, this is a desperate attempt to be saved.
I have used this screenshot of Immunity to Discord Mod Day to prevent myself from the effects of it.
by Jack Big Nicholson December 09, 2020
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December 11 is retired discord mod day. All the retired mods get promoted to regular mods and all the regular mods get demoted to retired mods for a day.
Man, I can't figure out which server to nuke on Retired Discord Mod Day.
by object_Object December 10, 2020
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November 2nd. The day when you give your friendly neighbourhood discord mod a gift.
cool discord member: hey, bro, it's National Discord Mod Day here's your favourite album on vinyl thanks for being a cool discord mod.
mod: thanks
by literally_a_discord_mod November 02, 2020
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Discord Mod Appreciation Day is June 11th, where all users in a Discord server take the day to appreciate all of the moderators that help your servers run smoothly. Without them, Discord servers would be lawless places.
Person: "wait today is discord mod appreciation day???? well uh thanks to all the mods"
Discord Mod: "Aww, thanks!"
by NamiiDodo May 16, 2021
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Discord Un-Mod day is on December the 11th.
On that date, every mod has to be a normal person and they cannot reject it.
If they reject it, they will be either:
1. Banned for 1 day
2. Have no access to any channel for 1 day, even if it's for every user.
3. They'll have to be furry for one day.
Man, I want to still be a mod but Discord Un-Mod day is coming up.
by December 10, 2020
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Beat Saber Modding Dicord, is a dicord for modding beatsaber.
1: "Hey remember that guy called Crafty who got banned 5 times from beat saber modding discord?"
2: "Yeah of course I do! Hes a legend!"
by Crafty the fox October 19, 2019
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If a person shows you this a few hours before Discord Mod day, they are allowed to stay unmuted, or not be banned. However you can't sent this at 11:59 P.M before the actual day. And only 10% of the discord server members can use this. Good luck for those who found this early.
I have used Immunity to Discord Mod Day screenshot to prevent myself from being banned or muted.
by Jack Big Nicholson December 09, 2020
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