Rule 69: "If it exists, there is a Cupcakke remix of it"
Referring to the wide range of mashups and remixes done on all forms of media including songs, musical compositions, poetry, commercials, news, cartoons, reality tv scripts, video games soundtracks/ narrations, movie/ serie scripts, youtube content, memes and public announcements utilising excerpt of CupcaKKe songs.
Y/N: Check this out, a Cupcakke remix of into the unknown" 🤣
- No way, really?!!
*Cupcakke- Into My Pussy (Into The Unknown x Spoiled Milk Titties MASHUP*
Y/N: Obviously, You heard of the Rule 69? "If it exists, there is a Cupcakke remix of it". Don't believe? Let me see...

Search: Miki Matsubara Stay With Me CupcaKKe remix
*original miki matsubara - Stay with me (ft. Cupcakke) duet version
- Damn your right 💀
by Adri_i December 9, 2022
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Rule 69 is a term coined by the Floptok and Stan Twitter internet subcultures. It reads "If it exists, there is a CupcakKe remix of it." The maxim is inspired by Rule 34, a rule that states "If it exists, there is porn of it," and is based off of the abundance and occasional absurdity of CupcakKe remixes. Although the term is mainly used for remixes of music, it is not limited to the musical realm.
Meghan: Hey bestie, I made a CupcakKe remix of Wendy Williams fainting on stage!
Ashley: Oh my God girl, slay! Nothing is safe from Rule 69!
by buy jiafei's products ✨ January 16, 2023
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Rule 69 of the internet states whenever the number "69" appears in a social media typing space and/or picture you must comment saying "nice"
Guy 1 - Yesterdays score was 69 to 57
Guy 2 - Rule 69
Guy 1 - nice
Guy 2 - nice
Guy 3 - nice
Girl 1 - nice
Guy 4 - nice
Girl 2 - nice
Girl 3 - nice
by n00bishRegashi April 3, 2019
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When the number 69 comes up in a conversation and then this conversation inevitably changes course towards a more sexual topic. In rare cases actual 69 has occurred.
Suzy, "Hey Jim did you see the game last night?"
Jim, "yeah Suzy the score was 54-69"
Suzy,"wanna fuck?"
Rule 69
by Durtman! August 1, 2012
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anything that exists, there is a pony version of it
without rule 69
person: i love books

with rule 69
person: i love pony books
by t3r3z1 pyrop3 April 10, 2012
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I am god, always will be, obey me or banned
Noob- Why was I banned

Me probably- not following rule 69
by Callanguggs March 24, 2021
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