Discord Mod. Once used as a meme, now used as harassment and bullying.
Person 1: Oh it's a discord mod. What a discord mod.
Person 2: BRUHHH. Why are you disrespecting a discord mod? Not every discord mod is bad y'know.
Person 1: Nah, nah, nah. They are all so bad.
Person 2: ....
by your muffinhead May 27, 2021
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Person whos never touched grass before in their lifetime,
commonly saying "no memes in #general"

i don't know what else to put so that's it
"quick, discord mod asleep, lets post memes in #general"
by random random random person September 02, 2021
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January 22 is the annual day for Discord Mod Ban Day. On this day mods are allowed to ban anyone they want for no reason and get no consequences.
"Imagine getting banned on Discord Mod Ban Day, couldn't be me- *gets banned*"
by TrhRichard January 22, 2021
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Discord Un-Mod day is on December the 11th.
On that date, every mod has to be a normal mod and they cannot reject it.
Man, I want to still be a mod but Discord Un-Mod day is coming up.
by December 10, 2020
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On Thursday December 18, Discord users get to fuck the discord mods of servers who can’t do anything about it. People also get to spam memes in general.
Hey it’s Fuck Discord Mods Day!

Time to fuck them.
by asap_handlez December 17, 2020
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If a person shows you this a few hours before Discord Mod day, they are allowed to stay unmuted, or not be banned. However you can't sent this at 11:59 P.M before the actual day. And only 10% of the discord server members can use this. Good luck for those who found this early.
I have used Immunity to Discord Mod Day screenshot to prevent myself from being banned or muted.
by Jack Big Nicholson December 09, 2020
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