used when someone is doing something weird, stupid, or pointless. it means they need to come back to reality, they need to get some fresh air and get back in touch with how the real world works.
"been keeping track of my crush's snap score. she's most active on friday, least active on monday, most-"
"dude. you need to go touch grass. get a job or something damn"

"the word 'crazy' is inherently ableist and harms neurodivergent people"
"oh my god. please touch grass"
by lacrynx January 18, 2021
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When someone is delusional or acting unrealistic, like they don't know how the world works anymore, this is a way to tell them they need to get offline and experience the "real" world

Created during the COVID-19 pandemic, when everyone was instructed to stay home as much as possible, limiting the amount of social interaction people experienced to mostly-online.
Super-Woke Becky tried to tell me "touch grass" was ableist because some people can't physically touch grass. She's the queen of people who need to touch grass.
by Stagnation May 2, 2021
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used to describe people who may have been acting/talking in a sexual way ; telling them to get outside more
ben was acting so horny. he needs to go outside and touch grass
by linalina January 2, 2021
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something that you say to someone who basically never goes outside
I need to touch grass
by sunaslemon February 12, 2021
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What everybody in quarantine desperately needs right now
Bro 1: Man, I've been cooped up in my home for two months now
Bro 2: You really need to go outside and touch grass my dude
by Obv troll is obvious March 10, 2021
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Used when a person is acting strange, sexual, in need of some guidance or just needs a reality check
My friend Marie has been acting over sexual and paranoid so I recommended she should go outside and touch grass.
by Loathing Pain May 17, 2021
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a noice action you can do to not be a lol gamer
can i ples touch grass?
by dee’s big nuts November 2, 2021
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