the absolute highest you can ever get by smokeing marijuana
short for "5th dimension"
by kyle toelken October 26, 2005
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What dimension is beyond space and time? Fucking money, obviously. That's right the fifth dimension is cash flow, not a means of crossing vast distances or seeing into the tiniest facets of reality, but numbers on a fucking spreadsheet.

The physicists are fucked, they can't get to grips with moving beyond space and time, but don't worry some grubby attention starved bean counter has done it for us.
"Yah, I was telling Tarquin that building things in space and time is so.... 20th Century, we build things in the money dimension now, 5D Tarquin, 5D!"

"While this project was definitely full of Ds, the most elusive was the fifth D"

"If money is the fifth dimension I'll fucking shoot myself"
by RustyHarmonica September 17, 2020
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A spin off of the original series of Yugioh. It involves new characters, new types of cards, and a new system of playing the game on motorcycles called Duel Runners.
1. I tried to pull a Yugioh 5d's, but my cards flew off my dashboard.

2. Let me bust a Yugioh 5D's and complicate the storyline.
by beastslayer36 June 23, 2009
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suspiciously trying to deceive one or more people in layers of deceit, either on purpose or suspected by someone.
John: Steve is totally acting sus, he knows we suspect him but what if he's trying to look guilty on purpose so we don't think it's him, but then that would be a reason to think it's him.
Hank: I agree, Steve is seriously Playing 5D Chess with us.
by 岸谷新羅 September 28, 2020
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The most amazing camera in the world! It shoots 21 MP images and 1080P Videos. Again the best camera in the world!
I just can't believe that I now own the Canon 5D Mark II, i seriously shit brix when I opened the box.
by ecarmen August 8, 2009
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a popular digital-only chess variant that costs $7.91 on steam, and also the greatest mindfuck besides quantum mechanics
me: have you played 5d chess with multiverse time travel?
you: no
me: me neither :(
by d0nu7m4n January 4, 2022
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From people who are trusting the QAnon Psy-Op plan suggesting that Donald Trump is playing 5D chess against the Deep State.
Horse: Donald Trump launched Operation Warp Speed and says he is father of the vaccine
Pony: No, he is playing 5D chess against the Deep state
by Horse 40769 July 21, 2022
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