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The police force of Hong Kong. They are, by the loosest definition, a civil service. Among many things, they are known for:

- Using live rounds on peaceful demonstrators
- Beating innocent civilians with batons and rubber bullets
- Enforcing the unjust laws of Carrie Lam with excessive force
- Using bribes to protect actual criminals
- Rape

They have violated international laws almost every day, and, in my honest opinion, each member is not entitled to their job, or life for that matter.
Fuck Carrie Lam and the Hong Kong Police. They both deserve punishment beyond their worst dreams.
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by TheBagelPeople September 07, 2020

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A battle between one liar and one idiot.
One reason why there may be a low turnout in the 2020 Election is the fact that both candidates are retarded.
by TheBagelPeople October 18, 2020

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The people that operate and maintain servers on Discord.

To most people, they're assholes that are intrusive and pieces of shit. They're hypocrites and don't do anything against the real problems with the server.

On the other hand, it's not entirely their fault. They all have the idiots and retards they need to deal with and the crappy owners they have as their superior.
Discord Mods are commonplace on large servers as an attempt to maintain order.
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by TheBagelPeople November 27, 2020

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Unlike the other definitions, A heron is a bird in the family Aeridae. They are characterized by huge size, long neck, and a extremely sharp bill. White herons are also called Egrets. Herons are often seen in swamps, rivers, ponds, and lakes, but ironically not near the shore. Herons fly with slow wing beats and necks tucked in. Herons eat mostly fish, but sometimes may consume lizards or sewer rats when in populated areas.
I saw a heron at the park today, It looked cool.
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by TheBagelPeople June 21, 2020

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When you're at the store and you see one of your teachers or your classmates
Don't talk to Vincent, he's got PTSD from that Walmart Standoff on Saturday.
by TheBagelPeople June 20, 2020

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If you're a politician, you're either one of the following:
- An idiot. Idiots have no idea how a country works and pretend America is one big reality TV show.
- A liar. Liars promise a perfect world where everyone is happy, and a future that is impossible to live up to.
- Or a piece of shit. POS don't care about anything but money or publicity. They only work for a specific group of people and run the country into shit when they get office.

While most of these qualities are attributed to Republican politicians, Democrats are equally as shitty.
Most people in America don't get involved with politics because politicians running it screws them over one way or another.
by TheBagelPeople October 16, 2020

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A large bird of the family acciptitridae, characterized by extremely powerful talons, a sharp beak, and long yet rounded wings. Across North America, the Red Tailed Hawk is the most commonly seen. Most hawks can be seen soaring above forests, highways, or open fields. They can also be seen perched atop telephone wires. Their diet consists of small squirrels, snakes, and invasive species of birds.
I saw a hawk today in a tree.
by TheBagelPeople June 21, 2020

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