Fat, Oily, Disgusting person that usually sits behind his/her keyboard and type "Don't post memes in general" all day.
"Hey bro, look at this discord mod"

"who? this oily piece of human being?"
by I_am_stupid_as_F July 01, 2021
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Something That We All Hate, But Something That We All Want To Become.
Server Member: This is a very bad server.
Discord Mod: hippity hoppity a ban is now your property
by Octopixy40 August 11, 2020
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Is either a girl,a femboy,a neck beard or a racist
aRandomNoob:Oh no I'm turning into a Discord Mod!!!!
by aRandomNoob7 November 15, 2020
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The guardians of social-media platform Discord, in which they keep order in their own fascinating way. Discord mods are typically horny overweight teenagers that lick their greasy french-fry fingers while banning someone from their server for having an opinion. Also balls deep into roleplay.
Discord mod: "oh hey I see you are enjoying the server Xxx_makayla_xxX, maybe you would like to go in a VC channel with me and listen to your music."

Normal person on server: "Stop simping dude that's my sister"

Discord mod (to himself, strong lisp, doing power movements: "You dare defy my mortal? I have the ultimate power, in the name of justice I will smite thee with the force of the ban hammer!!"

Discord server: "Normal person has left the server"

Discord mod (again to himself, with heavy lisp, in a high pitched voice): "I love Discord mods and I escpically love you and you big, loving french-fry fingers"

(back in normal voice): "I know yo love me Xxx_makalya_xxX"

(proceeds to start moaning to himself)
by DryBalls March 31, 2021
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The people that operate and maintain servers on Discord.

To most people, they're assholes that are intrusive and pieces of shit. They're hypocrites and don't do anything against the real problems with the server.

On the other hand, it's not entirely their fault. They all have the idiots and retards they need to deal with and the crappy owners they have as their superior.
Discord Mods are commonplace on large servers as an attempt to maintain order.
by TheBagelPeople November 27, 2020
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A pingable role on BadBoyHalo's Discord Server that can get you muted. If you're unlucky, banned. Ping it and Yin won't show mercy.
by tag t March 18, 2020
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December the 10th is Discord Mod Day.
On this date all Discord Mods are allowed to ban all people for the entire day so that they can have a nice and relaxed 24 hours of freetime.
Man, Discord Mod Day is in a few days and I haven't decided who to ban yet.
by Feathergreen November 26, 2020
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