Underground term for the drug ecstacy.
We're going about the town tonight; do you have a line on any dingbats?
by Mojave April 20, 2005
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1. A name used to describe someone who does something so goofy/dumb that you are at a loss of words

2. Someone who is widely known as a dingbat
Guy #1 "Do you by chance know Emerson?"
Guy #2 "Haha yeah, that guy is a Prime Dingbat"
by Cunt Wizard December 09, 2014
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A dumb fuck, possibly a little crazy- if very close to a person or a feeling of hatred towards them you can use this phrase.
Adam zukowski: Harry, don't worry we will all lie for you and say you didn't assault those little girls, trust me all the hockey douches will make those eighth graders seem like dingbats.
Harry: Thanks my dingbat
by Yafavcatlady January 10, 2017
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One who is named Scott and enjoys sleeping all day, hounding his wife, annoying all of his children, especally his oldest, and hassels his dogs.
OMG, there goes that dingbat again.
by ash-a-lee January 06, 2008
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A shrew-like creature found mostly in the retail areas of the Anchorage, AK suburbs. It has a shrill, piercing, nasal call and is known to have large litters. The Alaskan Wild Dingbat is a fiercely territorial rodent and is known to react to stimulus with a wild barrage, often leaving it confused. Mates for life. Classified as Homo regressus.
Did you see that Wild Alaskan Dingbat on Fox News today? Wow her pelt is shiny! She thinks she's people!
by AdamAWright March 28, 2010
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Someone who spouts of random nonsense that appears to sound intelligent, but rather the complete opposite.
"Did you see Crystal quoting scripture and how it somehow relates to God and homosexuality?"
"Huh? That girl is a nonsensical Dingbat}."
by HindertheJiner June 05, 2018
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