the coolest person you'll ever meet, your partner in crime
A:do you know whos the coolest person ever ?
B: yeah, emerson.
by suuushihanna August 24, 2009
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Emerson is a guy with super skilled abilities. He can chop a block of wood by giving it the death stare. A Emerson is a word to describe the most handsome child a man could ever wish to have the luck of being given. Emerson are those totally awesome guys you wish to meet in yourlifetime.
A father: Man did you see that father today at Karate, that boy was all a father could hope to have he must of been a Emerson.

A mother: That mom has the most spectacular handsome charming intelligent son I have seen, she must have a Emerson.
Some Man:Did you see that tornado stop in it's tracks?
Some woman: Yes, Emerson musta gave it a look of "I will kick your butt" if you dont wind down.

Siblings: My mother couldn't of come up with a more origninal loving great brother as our Emerson.
by brotherofemerson February 6, 2010
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You: "What's an Emerson."
Me: "Something amazing."
by RahRahBFF December 14, 2009
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an incredbly hot man with huge body parts. Females are attracted to his dick. He is soooooooooooooo hotttttttttttttt and is smokin
by hhhhhhjhi May 9, 2011
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PERFECT! She's very smart, pretty, and funny! She's kind to everyone, but she have an evil side! Once you get to know her she's an amazing person! She's crazy and always hyper! She always knows just what to say and just how to cheer you up! Her smile is the prettiest thing you'll ever see! She's loyal to her friends! She's also a GREAT girlfriend! You'd be very lucky to know her!
Emerson is pefect in every way! If you know an Emerson, you should go out with her or be her best friend!!!
by QueenAlexis March 2, 2014
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Emerson is the most loving, caring, kind person you will ever meet. When you need someone to cheer you up, he will be there to do it. When you need a shoulder to cry on he will always listen to you no matter how crazy you sound. Not to mention he looks like a GOD, literally. An Emerson has the softest hair and the strongest hands. Emerson’s and usually very tall but they are like a friendly giant. Emerson’s have the biggest hearts and are so caring for the people they love it is impossible not to fall in love with him. And when he makes a promise he stands by it, he will always try to make you smile no matter how bad your day was and it will always work:)
“Wow do you see that guy over there?! He looks like he came from heaven!”

“Yea...that’s Emerson for you”
by Baby angel lover 229 December 14, 2017
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A very charming and sweet person who everyone wants to be around. Emerson's are the coolest and most amazing person you'll ever meet.
Did you see that guy that stopped the robber? - man
Yeah I know him his name is Emerson - man's girlfriend
Shoulda figured. - man
by TheMercifulSword November 25, 2016
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