A childs toy from the 1970's that consisted of a platic table-tennis like bat with a rubber ball attached to the centre by elastic.
The ball could be hit repeatedly and always come back.
whack, whack, whack... and so on.
by Or am I the Dog January 09, 2004
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You are a dingbat. A person who cannot listen to simple direction and makes up information.
Abby Lee Miller: No I never said that
Kelly Hyland: Yes you most certainly did
Abby Lee Miller: No I didn’t DINGBAT LiStEn I sAId
(BrOokE iS yOur moThEr SpEakinG fOr yoU)
Kelly Hyland: Get your finger OUT OF MY FACE

Holly Frazier: Girls out the room GIRLS OUT THE ROOM
by thiccdingbat October 10, 2019
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Female, and perhaps effeminate males, that are exceptionally flighty and irresponsible are often called dingbats. Reason and accountability are concepts that dingbats refuse to acknowledge.
The dingbat got a speeding ticket on the way to her hair appointment. She was not upset about receiving the citation, but was very unsatisfied and upset about her bad haircut.
by Rook's Buddy May 10, 2010
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a person who is dumb. Like an airhead.
nikko: "yea, this dingbat over here couldn't even figure out how to net a lobster."
by ALEX ARTEAGA August 15, 2008
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a weird person or thing because they act differently from everyone else.
Dude, no wonder your friend live in Spreckles St. she's such a dingbat.
by not a dingbat September 18, 2005
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A person who is acting in a very dingbat-ish manner. Someone who is not 'with it today'. Someone who should be taught a thing or two about how to act around people.


*Someone walks into a lampost*, "Oh you dingbat!"

She says, "Hahaha, look, isn't an email like...writing a letter to your future self?"
They say, "You know what? You're a dingbat!"
by Rhea And Tash January 09, 2009
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A really awesome word. Used in any situation, but only if you're good enough for it. Not to be used by n00bs, or anyone named nic. Please note: You should not use this on people with whom you could get in trouble...not smart.
*girl dying in gutter*
"get out of the gutter you dingbat!"
"omg, i can't believe you called my girlfriend a dingbat, you knoooooow!"
by Katey&Dani May 18, 2008
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