A rare Argentinian species of bat characterized by its heavy usage of marijuana
“You smoke more than a dingbat
by Limjahey November 17, 2018
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A nocturnal regular patron of the ding (casino) , usually high on meth and often panhandling or selling stolen property for gambling money
Man1: dude it's 3am, where can i get a used cell phone and some meth? Man2: lets go to the casino and hit up one of the dingbats.
by alleymic April 16, 2019
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An object that the user thinks works, but really actually doesn't.
Did you see Nick had gotten one of those Q-link necklaces? He really thinks it helps his golf game.

Dude that's just a dingbat device. It's all in his head.
by Ohmanthatissotrue April 23, 2010
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