A girl who is stupid, wears lots of make up and is obsessed with boys and clothes. Generally blonde but there are exceptions. Usually hang around i with other bimbos. You can spot them because they will be the big group of girls that all look the same and are giggling hysterically.
Oh no! I broke a nail! This is awful!
You're such a bimbo.
by The Wolf April 14, 2004
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A bimbo means two things as far as I am concerned...
1. A stupid, egotistic blonde, usually with big breasts who wears shit loads of make up. she also has lots of friends that look exactly like her. soooo unoriginal.
2. A bread brand that i discovered on holiday in spain...can also be found in south america, I believe...
1. Girl 1: Hey look at that bimbo and all her cronies. Oh look its Britney!
Girl 2: Thats not Britney, thats Karen.
Girl 1: oh yeah. they all look the same so its hard to tell.

2. (in spanish) hey ma! im going out to get some bimbo!
by Sophie Burch October 24, 2005
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A a popular brand of Mexican bread with a cute little bear used as advertising. Mexico's Pillsbury Doughboy.
you quiero pan bimbo!
by Puffin October 12, 2005
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A girl who has looks but not much else. Usually quite vain and concentrate on appearances over anything else. Personal characteristics are generally poor, and teh only attraction to such a person is purely physical.
"She's a real bimbo"
"Yeah, but at least that bimbo's good looking"
"She's a bimbo, what did you expect?"
by Tom215 August 04, 2006
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n. A girl who usually cares too much about how she looks, her clothes, and guys. Bimbos think that they can look flawless by covering their face up in make-up. They spend most of their time looking at themselves in the mirror and fixing their hair/make-up. Most bimbos have pretty faces, yet they are oh so shallow.
Bimbo 1: OH NO! I don't have enough make-up on to cover up my acne.
Bimbo 2: Don't worry I have extra.. put on all you want. The more the better!

Bimbo 1: Let's go to Abercrombie & Fitch!!
Bimbo 2: Okay! Let's stay there until ears bleed!
Bimbo 1: The music is loud, but who cares? It's so cool!
Bimbo 2: TOTALLY!!
by dianaispeachy April 25, 2008
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A stupid person, usually referring to a woman.

Derived from the Italian word for "baby", "infant", this led to the insulting term that we now use to mean an idiot.

The bimbo is stereotypically portrayed as a blonde (natural or dyed) with heavy makeup, skimpy clothing, a vapid expression, an annoyingly high giggle, the intellect of a slug, nauseatingly superficial values and goals, and morals that are looser than a chemise.
Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Ann Coulter... three bimbos who should be ignored and should shut up, but, being "attractive", are thrown in our faces.
by Lorelili September 02, 2006
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